/Would you travel to Milan or Rome?
milan or rome
Have you traveled to Milan or Rome before?
If you had a chance, would you visit Milan or Rome?

Would you travel to Milan or Rome?

Travelling is one of the best activities for some. However, for most people, money is limited and places need to be carefully chosen. Italy, beyond any doubt, is a great country to visit for many reasons. Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, this country has an excessive number of attraction for tourists. If you were to visit Italy with a limited budget, would to travel to Milan or Rome?

Italy, with its long Mediterranean coast, worldwide famous cuisine, and art history, offers different types of holiday options for the tourists. In the south part of the country, there are epic beaches and amazing nightlife, which gives you enough options to visit Italy over and over again. Traditional Italian food adds an amazing experience to your trips. It is not only pasta and pizza; you should also try lasagne, saltimbocca, tiramisu, and gelato – famous Italian ice-cream! Finally, the country hosts the earliest art pieces of the of the Renaissance. You can spend a week in many cities throughout the country and still have museums to visit.


Milan is the second most crowded city in the country with 1.3 million population. The city is the capital of the Lombardy region. Milan is known for being the fashion and design capital of the world since Milan Fashion Week is one of the most important events in the industry. The city is also known for its attractions for entertainment, media, arts, commerce, and education. Apart from shopping and nightlife, you should visit Milan Cathedral, Sforza Castle, Teatro Alla Scala, Cimitero Monumentale di Milano, and Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci if you visit the city!


Rome is the capital of the Lazio region and Italy. With its 2.8 million population, Rome is the most populated city in the country. Apart from the beauty of the modern form, the city’s history spans about 28 centuries. The city of Rome was first founded in around 753 BC, by Latins, Etruscans, and Sabines. Later on, the city became the capital of the Roman Empire and considered as the center for western civilization. The Vatican City, home to the Pope, is also located within the borders of the Rome. If you ever have a chance to visit the city, you need to see Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Sistine Chapel, Piazza Navona, and Spanish Steps.

Milan or Rome

Have you visited the city and looking forward to going back soon? Or, are you planning your first visit? It is your time to contribute to this discussion and let us know of your choice between Miland and Rome.