/Would you prefer Singapore Airlines or Qatar Airways?
singapore airlines or qatar airways
Have you used Singapore Airlines or Qatar Airways before?
Would you prefer Singapore Airlines or Qatar Airways in future?

Would you prefer Singapore Airlines or Qatar Airways?

Without a doubt, one of the fastest growing transportation industries is aviation industry. Choosing the best airline company to accommodate your needs is very important. Among two of the biggest airline companies, would you prefer Singapore Airlines or Qatar Airways?

Aviation Industry

As the world gets more globalized, we are getting more mobilized than ever. Even the furthest places are now discoverable for everyone by air travel. According to Statista, Commercial airlines carried more than 3.8 billion passengers and generated global revenue to the value of 501 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. These are really big numbers and they seem to increase for the following years.

IATA, the International Air Transport Association, expects the net profit of global airline industry to reach up to $38.4 billion for 2018. They also forecast increase in global net margin to 4.7%, overall revenues to $824 billion, and passenger numbers to 4.3 billion.

The statistics above are not surprising when we think that more and more people travel every day. This brings huge demand in the airline industry and because of that new airports concerning new routes have been opening for people.

Busiest routes

Have you ever wondered which routes are busiest than others? You might think that New York, London or Paris should be there, but they actually don’t. According to the article from Telegraph, the busiest air route in the world is from Seoul Gimpo to Jeju International (around 178 departures per day). Other busiest routes are followed as Melbourne – Sydney, and Mumbai – Delhi.

When we book a flight, one of the most important factors that we think about in decision making is the airline company itself (after checking the prices of course). This decision is affected by the quality and performances of the airline companies. However, the customer reviews and customer experiences are also quite important in this decision-making process.

Like in any other industry, the satisfied customers stick with their brands and increase the brand’s value by attracting more people. The same principle is also applicable in the airline industry. There are some awards given to best airline companies in several categories after analyzing the results of the votes of passengers. One of the most important awards is organized by SKYTRAX. In the latest awards ceremony, the two airlines companies were leading in the most categories.

Qatar Airways

Founded in 1993, Qatar Airways fly to more than 150 destinations.

It has a fleet size of 213 and their hub is Hamad International Airport.

Their slogan is “Going Places Together”.

Singapore Airlines

Founded in 1947, Singapore Airlines fly to 64 destinations.

It has a fleet size of 109 and their hub is Singapore Changi Airport.

Their slogan is “A Great Way to Fly”.

What is your preference: Singapore Airlines or Qatar Airways?

There are great and quite high-quality airlines operating throughout the world. It is really hard to make a choice among them when deciding the best one. However, since we got two global leading companies, we would like to learn if you have used any of these before and which one you would choose for your next trip!