/Would you prefer Safari or Chrome?
safari or chrome
Currently, are you using Safari or Chrome as your web browser?
In the future, are you planning to use Safari or Chrome as your web browser?

Would you prefer Safari or Chrome?

There are some major products in the web browser industry. Companies continually improve their products to become the primary browser of the users. In this competition, there are lots of factors to consider to become the most chosen one. Let’s discuss whether Safari or Chrome is more preferred as a web browser.

What to consider before choosing a browser

One of the most important elements is the speed of the browser. In today’s world, almost all of the website’s contents are made of videos and images. Apart from that web pages have become much more interactive than ever. Therefore, the speed of the browser should be high enough to give the maximum pleasure to its users when they are surfing the internet.

Usability and Simplicity can be added to other important elements. The browsers need to be easy to use. If it seems complicated to the users and if they are not comfortable with the simplicity it offers, they most probably switch the browser before they get used to it. The users might feel the same way if the browsers take too much space on the screen. Therefore, the products that we use today take a little space with small buttons and minimalistic designs.

Apart from the features that we mention, there can be several things to consider before choosing the browser. For example; the whole design can be a major factor itself. Also, word of mouth can affect the choice of people like it does in everyday decisions.

The Competition

According to Statista, the statistics for November 2017 show that the market share of Google Chrome is 55.13% while the closest follower’s, Safari, is 14.57%. The report states that Mozilla Firefox is following them with 6.22%.

Your choice: Safari or Chrome?

Given this situation, we would like to know about your preferences between the leader and its closest follower in the competition.