/Would you prefer Online or Classroom learning?
online or classroom learning
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In future, would you prefer online or classroom learning?

Would you prefer Online or Classroom learning?

One of the most important developments that technology brought to our lives is to be able to choose between online or classroom learning. In fact, technologic developments have been changing our lives in almost every way for a long time. Especially, the internet has brought several new ways of doing things. Before the internet, the only way to get a good education is to physically be at the school, university, etc. However, with the new online learning option, one can simply get a high quality and an affordable (not very often though) education at home.

Online Courses and Certificates

Whereas the number of online university degrees has increased with this option, we observe that specific courses that give certificates after completions have also become popular. There are numerous platforms (Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Datacamp, etc.) offering these kinds of certificates to their members. They all provide interesting contents with good resources. Their way of teaching is very important for those who would like to change their career pathway, start a business or just want to learn new things in their spare times.

Online learning gives you the flexibility to complete courses whenever and wherever you want. You can discuss any topic with your classmates through online discussion platforms. However, online learning can also be discouraging for some people as well. If you don’t have strong study habits and high motivation, you can easily fall behind and find it hard to complete all the necessary steps in time. You might feel isolated from other people, your PC skills might be poor to follow the course or you might have some technical problems with your PC.

Unlike online learning, classroom learning offers face-to-face interaction with teacher and classmates. This provides instant answers to questions and less complicated interaction. Also, since you are physically there, your concentration and motivation increase compared to online learning.

Online or Classroom learning

You need to consider the advantages and disadvantages before choosing between Online or Classroom learning. Beyond doubt, there are more aspects can be listed in addition to the ones above. Feel free to contribute to the discussion by commenting below. Also, we would like to learn your preference.