/Would you prefer ebook or paper book?
ebook or paper book
Would you prefer ebook or paper book?
For your next book, are you planning to read an ebook or paper book?

Would you prefer ebook or paper book?

Like the smell of a new car, the smell of a new book is an addictive thing for book lovers. It does not only give a sensual satisfaction but also provides you a unique feeling that you are a part of the story of the book. It is a great way to establish a strong bond between the reader and the book. Let’s discuss whether ebook or paper book is a better choice.

Ebook or Paper Book

This smell was reachable for everyone before e-books. However, some people prefer the electronic ones now since they can carry thousands of books with them all the time in this way. Although, that sounds great and the advancements in the technology are breathtaking in this context, e-books are not coming with the smell of a real book. The producers of e-book readers have not found a solution to this matter yet. However, even if they find some way to provide that smell, we bet people will still prefer printed books. Otherwise, we don’t know how people relate themselves to the story in the book and turn the pages with great curiosity. (Of course, we might be mistaken if they offer a new book perfume with e-book readers).

The Millenniums

Well, especially the millenniums are capable of operating any kind of electronic device; therefore, the percentage of reading e-books might be higher in that segment considering the fact that they can reach the schoolbooks through the internet now. Also, the new generation has several options thanks to the great improvements in the technology. That’s why they might leave the old ways of doing things like reading printed books. Speed has become much more important in this new era so e-books can be seen much more preferable than printed books.

What about you?

As we mentioned before, both of the ways have advantages and disadvantages. We are just curious to find out what percentage of the people read ebook or paper book.

P.S. We also read e-books sometimes as well as printed out ones.