Android or iOS

Would you prefer Android or iOS?

Do you use your smartphone frequently? Or are you one of the people who is annoyed by the people who use their phones too much? In any case, if you are planning to buy a smartphone today, you have to choose whether to get an Android or iOS operating system.

Android or iOS

Today’s crazy world

Dscout (a research company) has conducted a study and revealed that the average user touches his/her phone 2,617 times per day. If those statistics have shocked you then sit tight before hearing about the extreme users. The study has shown that they touch their phones 5,400 times every single day! It is just crazy! However, being online and sharing every moment with the loved ones have become one the main activities for today’s world. Therefore, these numbers have a potential to increase in the future.

Growing industry

Since having a phone has become a must in our lives, it is not surprising that this industry has become one of the biggest industries worldwide. In this great market, the competition among the providers is unavoidable. There are great phones with spectacular features out there and every one of the brands has their own followers. We are witnessing that some people use the products of just one brand and save money to buy the new versions of this product.

Android or iOS

One of the reasons causing people to act like that is the difference between the operating systems of the phones. Android and iOS have become the two major players in the industry. Since they both have unique features and designs, it is easy to observe that when people get used to one operating system it is sometimes hard to switch to other operating systems.

Pros and Cons

Affordability: In this category, iOS users are stuck with iPhone. However, Android offers variety of smarthphones from different brands. Android is the easy winner of this.
Applications: In this category, both variety and price of the apps offered in stores are important. Currently, there are around 2.8 million apps available in Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in App Store. However, you can find Android or iOS version of any major app. So, it is a tie.
Updates: As a smartphone user, one of the most important things that you have to care is latest features, bug fixes, and security updates. With its consistent and timely software updates and security patches iOS wins this one.
Battery life and charging: Both operating systems allow you to see the breakdown of the applications that drain your battery. However, when we compare the similarly priced Android phones with iPhones, performance of Android phones is visibly higher.
Camera: This is also one of the most important features for end-users. Even though different Android manufacturers offer different cameras, iOS cameras and app performs better by far.

Which operating system are you using?

After observing the current competition between the players in the industry and learning the statistics of usage of the phones, we are really curious to find out the percentages of people who prefer Android or iOS. We are looking forward to analyzing the results!

Currently, are you using Android or iOS?

For your next smartphone, are you planning to buy Android or iOS?

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