/Would you improve your social skills or digital skills?
improve your social skills
Currently, do you trust your social skills or digital skills more?
In future, are you planning to improve your social skills or digital skills?

Would you improve your social skills or digital skills?

Humans have an unstoppable desire to advance in life. There are many psychological reasons for this phenomenon. In the modern world, advancing in life usually associated with better occupation, more income, or a faster car. You need to improve your social skills or digital skills.

It has been so long that humanity forgot the renaissance way of learning and thinking. We don’t improve our skills just for the sake of reaching our better selves anymore. Almost all activities we participate have to bring us a certain benefit or we don’t feel accomplished.

Social Skills

Humans, by nature, are sociable creatures and developed many different ways to interact with each other and surroundings over the years. The underlying reason behind this effort is the urge to convey our thoughts and feelings to other parties. Social skills are simply defined as skills that humans use to interact and communicate with each other. This communication might be verbal or non-verbal. Effective communication is one of the most important merits that any people could have nowadays. In the professional world, strong communication is the key to get higher roles in management in any organization.

Digital Skills

This is not 1990s anymore and digital skills are not only for IT people. Gadgets and new technology is expanding to all areas of professional life. In modern professional life, these skills are very highly valued and becoming more and more valuable. Say the least of it, you should be able to use basic computer programs like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Powerpoint. The good news about digital skills is, learning them is becoming extremely easy. There are unlimited sources on the internet that you can find for free! On the other hand, one may feel overwhelmed by the ever-growing technology sector. We discover (or are told by colleagues) yet another useful tool almost every week.

Would you spend your time to improve your social skills or digital skills?

Time is a priceless commodity. We have very limited time to invest in improving ourselves. One needs to decide carefully whether to spend it to improve social skills or digital skills. In order to answer this question, you need to think about your future carefully. We wish renaissance way of learning was still valuable. However, we have to make a decision considering the limited time and resources we have in life.

Beyond any doubt, this question has different meanings for people from different disciplines. However, we are very much interested in learning your responses.