/Would you choose love or money?
love or money
Would you choose love or money?
When planning for your future, which one is more decisive?

Would you choose love or money?

The debate goes on for centuries, and there has not been a solid answer to the question: Would you choose love or money? Love would feed your soul and heart by itself. But, can it survive without money? Money can also feed you and make you happy. However, would you not want the warmth of a loved one in your luxurious life? These questions seem to be with us for the centuries to come.

Does Money Mean Happiness?

Money is the key to many doors. It can open up many opportunities and paths to success. In some cases, it can bring happiness to one. Because of all these, some people choose money over everything else. They think money is the solution to every problem and it is enough to find happiness on its own. But, there are opposite thoughts as well. Some people would choose anything else, mostly family and love, over money. Money is not the goal for them, it is the path leading to goals. Psychologists also say that people should not seek happiness with money. Moreover, they claim that people should buy experiences instead of goods to be happier. So, as we can see, the debate over love or money even reverberates the usage of money.

What About Love?

Love makes people dizzy. It wraps around all over the body and blinds one. Sometimes, it can make people have wrong ideas about others, or it can make them decide poorly. Yet, some people put their loved ones or even their feeling of love in front of anything else. That can be bad for people who are not decisive and fragile. Quick decisions that are made in an instant because of love could lead to devastating results. However, there can also be the reverse of that. Love can make people happier because of its biology. Hormones and self-assurance can even be good for health.

What is more important: love or money?

In the modern world, happiness is thought to be bound to neither love nor money. There should be a harmony between all the feelings of one. Yet, regardless of happiness, people are inclined to some attributes and qualities. And that reflects and affects their lives in both positive and negative ways. Tell us which one do you prefer, love or money? Also, when planning the future which one is more effective?