/Sweden vs England 7 July 2018
sweden vs england 7 july 2018
Which team do you think has a better squad in the World Cup 2018?
Which team will you support in Sweden vs England 7 July 2018?

Sweden vs England 7 July 2018

Another interesting matchup in the quarter-finals of World Cup 2018 is coming: Sweden vs England 7 July 2018.


Sweden started the World Cup in Group F. Everyone expected them to have harder group stages games since Germany was also in this group. However, they finished the group stages in the first place with two wins. They played against Switzerland in the knockout stage.

Even though Switzerland had the possession of the ball for the most of the game, Sweden was able to score on the 66th minute with Emil Forsberg. In the extra time, Michael Lang was sent off with a red card leaving Switzerland 10 players. Sweden was able to proceed to the quarter-finals at the end of this exciting 90 minutes. Also, Sweden has qualified for the quarter-finals for the first time since 1994.


England competed in the Group G in the group stages. They proceeded to the next round by finishing the group in the second place after Belgium. In the knockout stage, they played against Columbia.

Even though England seems to have a stronger squad on paper, it was anybody’s soccer game. In the 57th minute, Harry Kane scored for England and carried his team to the lead. However, just before the game ended, Yerry Mina scored and tied the game. There was no goal in the extra time and game went to penalties. England won the game after penalties and qualified to the quarter-finals. It will be their first quarter-finals since 2006.

Sweden vs England 7 July 2018

Many people around the world don’t need to have another reason to support England other than the fact that they “invented” football. On the other hand, Sweden is doing a pretty good job in the World Cup 2018 so far. Authorities favor the winning chances of England with 48%. On the other hand, Sweden is given 24% chance. In any case, we are about to watch an another amazing quarter-finals game. Finally, we are looking forward to learning which team do you think has a better squad and which team you are supporting in Sweden vs England 7 July 2018?