/Spain vs Russia 1 July 2018
spain vs russia 1 july 2018
Which team do you think has a better squad in the World Cup 2018?
Which team will you support in Spain vs Russia 1 July 2018?

Spain vs Russia 1 July 2018

In the World Cup 2018, the host will be playing against a former champion. Spain vs Russia 1 July 2018 will be an exciting match in the knockout phase.

Spain: the Road to Knockouts

With their strong squad, Spain have reached the knockout phase of the World Cup 2018 by being the leader of their group. They had one win against Iran and two draws against Portugal and Morocco. Spain was considered to be the leader of the group, but the supporters did not expect that they will struggle that much in the first stage.

In the first match of the group, Spain met Portugal, which is another team that can reach the happy ending. That match concluded 3-3, resulting in 1 point for each team. Then, Spain had a more comfortable match with Iran where they won with the score of 1-0. In the final match of the group, Spain faced Morocco and the score was 2-2. Since Spain got a better goal difference than Portugal, they finished the group in the first place. The former champions are looking forward to giving a better performance in the coming rounds and will definitely be one of the contenders.

Russia: The Road So Far

The hosts of the World Cup 2018, Russia had two big wins against Egypt and Saudi Arabia with scores of 3-1 and 5-0 respectively. But, they have hit the Uruguay wall in the last soccer match or the group, losing the clash with the score of 0-3. This last defeat pushed Russia from position #1 to #2. Thus, they matched with the leader of Group B: Spain. Before the tournament, Russia did not give a solid performance in the friendlies. Yet, with the start of the tournament, they showed that they are not an easy piece. With the support of the fans, there is no doubt they can have the power to go further.

Spain vs Russia 1 July 2018

Both Spain and Russia have what it takes to go further in the tournament in terms of football quality. But there will only be one winner of the knockout stage. With their experience and previous achievements, Spain is definitely one of the contenders of the World Cup 2018. However, Russia can take the advantage of being the host and reach further in the tournament. We will see the answer to who will go further in Spain vs Russia 1 July 2018. Tell us which team do you think has a better squad and which team you are supporting in Spain vs Russia 1 July 2018?