/Rachel Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton: Who has a better taste in fashion?
Meghan Markle
Who has a better taste in fashion?
Whose style represents the royal family better?

Rachel Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton: Who has a better taste in fashion?

When it comes to the British royal family, every detail is intriguing. How do their engagement rings measure up? Their wedding gowns? The way they hold their bags? One is known as a glamorous Duchess who has perfectly tailored outfits and is never seen with a hair out of place. The other is known as a laid-back American actress who always looks chic yet completely effortless. It’s rare for the Royals to speak their minds in public. As a result, fashion can provide a way for them to express themselves. So, in your opinion, who has a better taste in fashion: Kate Middleton or Rachel Meghan Markle?

Rachel Meghan Markle

Since she first stepped into the public sphere in 2009, Markle has shown off her unique fashion sense that ranges from preppy to edgy. Now, Markle’s aesthetic can be best described as modern-meets-royal. There are no wedges, miniskirts or dark nail polish anymore for Markle, but it’s clear that the Duchess will continue showing off her personal style. She knows how to dress for the occasion without losing her unique flair. Markle has the opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air to the British monarchy. She generally tends to look more casual and trendy in comparison.

Rachel Meghan Markle became an instant fashion icon just after her engagement to Prince Harry. After the engagement was announced, Prince Harry and Markle posed for photos at Kensington Palace in London. She wore a coat by the Canadian fashion brand Line which is not very much known outside the country. But after that day, the brand’s website was slow or crashed for many people. The Telegraph called her influence “The Meghan Effect,” as items that she wore or endorsed have skyrocketed in popularity.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has been hugely influential in shaping fashion over the past decade. With an eye for what is simple and striking, Middleton favors straight-forward timeless looks with bold colors. Overall, Middleton’s fashion sense is generally more traditional and formal.

Middleton tends towards more staid and traditional. From around the time they met, in 2001, to their 2010 engagement, Kate was a pretty conservative dresser. And until 2017, she had taken very few major fashion risks. But She started taking some serious style risks lately (maybe because of Meghan effect in palace!?). Kate Middleton is also a DIY-er, and most of the time, she applies her own makeup. She even did her own makeup on her wedding day!

From the tiny headpieces she favors to the maternity fashions she wore during both of her pregnancies, it seems everyone wants to wear what Middleton is wearing. She’s even created a phenomenon called the Duchess Effect: When Kate wears something, it almost instantly sells out. Part of the reason people are so obsessed with what she wears is that many of her looks are actually accessible. She makes a point to mix designer with high-street pieces, and pretty much everything she touches turns to gold.

Kate Middleton vs Rachel Meghan Markle

Despite the differences in their style and personalities, the media can’t help but compare Kate Middleton and Rachel Meghan Markle. But, to put it bluntly, Kate is the wife of the future King and Meghan isn’t, so understandably there are differences between Kate and Meghan’s obligations. So considering these facts, which one do you think is more fashion influencer than the other?