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Which movie did you like more?
Which movie do you think will win more in Oscars 2018 The Shape of Water or Dunkirk?

Oscars 2018 The Shape of Water or Dunkirk?

Movie lovers have one question in mind, which movie will win more categories in Oscars 2018 The Shape of Water or Dunkirk? We will witness one of the greatest events of movie industry on March 4, 2018. Academy Award of Merit celebrates 90th annual award ceremony this year.

Memorable Moments until 2018

For years, we can count lots of memorable moments from this event. For instance, one of the freshest memories includes the starting point of the “selfie” madness that we still experience our daily life. Indeed, we are talking about the great selfie that Bradley Cooper took and Ellen DeGeneres posted on her Twitter. The impact of this photo was so powerful that Twitter went down for several minutes!

There are so many other great moments like;

  • When Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the award in 2016, he gave an impressive speech about Climate change as “… the Climate Change is real, it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating… Let us not take this planet for granted.”
  • Heath Ledger won a posthumous Oscar for his amazing performance as “Joker” character in The Dark Knight movie after he passed away before the release of the movie.
  • The excitement of Roberto Benigni after winning the Best Actor award.
  • A naked man showed himself at the stage behind David Niven in 1974.
  • Marlon Brando refused his Oscar and did not attend the ceremony in 1973. Instead, Sacheen Littlefeather (Native American Activist) has given a speech about the reason behind the refusal stating “… the reason for this being is the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry”.

The most successful movies of the Oscars history

Apart from those memorable moments, let’s remember the most successful movies in Oscars Ceremonies history. Ben-Hur, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and Titanic have won 11 Oscars. If we compare these 3 movies, we can say that the Award Ceremony was more successful for The Lord of the Rings movie since it has won all the categories where it was nominated. For the others, Titanic was nominated for 14 categories and Ben-Hur for 12. Furthermore, West Side Story (10 Awards), The English Patient, Gigi, and The Last Emperor (9 awards) are following movies on the list.

Oscars 2018 The Shape of Water or Dunkirk?

This year, celebrities will walk on the red carpet at the very beginning of the amazing night. There are numerous great movies nominated in 24 different categories. The Shape of Water is leading with 13 nominations and Dunkirk is following with 8 nominations.

The Shape of Water is an American fantasy drama movie about a mute custodian at a high-security government laboratory who falls in love with a captured humanoid-amphibian creature. The movie is directed by Guillermo del Toro and written by del Toro and Vanessa Taylor. Moreover, Octavia Spencer, Michael Stuhlbarg, Doug Jones, Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, and Richard Jenkins shared some of the lead roles.

Dunkirk depicts famous Dunkirk evacuation of World War II. It is an extraordinary war movie written, directed, and co-produced by Christopher Nolan. Furthermore, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Barry Keoghan, and Kenneth Branagh played some of the important characters. Also, Hans Zimmer composed the soundtracks and music of the movie.

We would like to learn which movie did you like more. Also, let us know which movie do you think will win more Oscars this year.