/iPhone XS vs Pixel 3: Which phone is the best of 2018?
iPhone XS vs Pixel 3
iPhone XS vs Pixel 3: Which phone is the best in 2018?
Which phone would you like to use for taking photos?

iPhone XS vs Pixel 3: Which phone is the best of 2018?

Smartphone technology has come a long way since the launch of the first iPhone. Every year, manufacturers come up with new ideas. This year’s innovative phones are iPhone XS and Pixel 3. Which one do you think is the best in 2018, iPhone XS vs Pixel 3?

iPhone: The Leading Innovator

When Steve Jobs first presented the iPhone on stage in 2007, people have gone mad over its ability to swipe up your screen. After 11 years of the launch of the first iPhone, Apple has come a long way both in technology and innovation. They have become the first US company to have $ 1 trillion company value. And this year, they have improved their last design, iPhone X, with better computing power and a better battery in iPhone XS. Apple claims the best camera on a smartphone is the one that iPhone XS has. Also, the newly designed bionic chip will enable a better neural network environment. Moreover, Apple has always lead the industry with their design choices. “The notch” design has become the common practice among all the smartphone manufacturers now. They seem to impress the public and other developers with this choice. Other than these, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have the biggest screen-to-phone ratio in an iPhone. This would definitely make watching movies and playing games more fun than ever.

Google Pixel 3: A Minimalistic Design

Apple was leading the smartphone industry in the first few years. But then, the Android came and with the acquisition by Google, it had grown rapidly. Now, Android smartphones are the leading ones in the market. Although Google just developed the software at first, they introduced their first smartphone in late 2016. Despite they entered the market very late, they have succeeded in it. And, this year they came up with their third series of smartphones: Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The XL model has “the notch” very similar to the iPhone’s. Whereas, Pixel 3 has a more traditional screen. The camera is equipped with AI technology to process the photos taken rapidly and give the best outcome. The software Pixel uses is, of course, Android and they are the first line of devices to receive updates to the software in the Android market.

iPhone XS vs Pixel 3: What is your opinion?

Apple started it all, Google built robust software. Now, the two giants are clashing for the leadership in the market with new features added every year. Both are claiming they have the best smartphone camera. Which one is right? Tell us now which one would you choose, iPhone XS vs Pixel 3? Also, tell us which one is the best in 2018, iPhone XS vs Pixel 3?