/How crazy should be a bachelorette party?
bachelorette party
How crazy should be a bachelorette party?
Are you an introvert or an extrovert person?

How crazy should be a bachelorette party?

Women, as well as men, love to party before their wedding. Although women are considered by some to be calmer than men when it comes to entertainment, they can prove this wrong with their bachelorette parties. Some prefer drinking and dancing and others prefer crazier things. What do you think? How crazy should be a bachelorette party?

Brief History of Bachelorette Parties

The history of bachelorette parties goes back centuries. Even in eras such as 5 BC, Spartans had gatherings to honor their to-be-wed friends. The people gathered together to have some fun and toast for the couple before the wedding day. In the 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer first used the term “bachelor” to describe the unmarried man. Then came the first use of the term “bachelor party” in the Scottish publication Chambers’s Journal of Literature, Science, and Arts. In the 1950s and 60s, women started to throw first bridal showers which included gifts and gathering in the bride’s house. As we reached the 90s, bachelorette parties majority of the society accepted the bachelor parties.

Bachelorette Parties Nowadays

In today’s world, bachelorette parties are accepted widely and all around the world brides celebrate their big day beforehand. Planning the bachelorette party is as hard as planning the wedding itself. Bride’s friends should all agree with the concept, otherwise, it could cause some people not to have fun. Also, some brides do not like extreme ideas such as strippers or naked butlers. So, planning can be challenging for the organizers. Yet, there are some common ideas about how the bachelorette party should be. Some people choose a calmer gathering where they set sail to the ocean for example. Also, dinner at an elegant restaurant can be another choice for a quiet but fun party. Some people like to get a bit crazy when planning such celebrations. For example, there are people who choose skydiving or bungee jumping for their bachelorette parties. Or, some get crazier and hire male strippers and naked butlers for their entertainment.

Bachelorette parties are for bride’s and her friends’ final entertainment before the wedding. They can either choose to go calm or go crazy. It seems as if the bride and her friends are extroverts, they go with a much crazier idea. What would you choose if you were planning your bachelorette party? Which one would you pick for your party’s theme: calm or crazy? Let us know how crazy do you think a bachelorette party should be.