/Have you ever heard of Asgardia?
Have you heard of Asgardia before?
Would you like to be a citizen of Asgardia?

Have you ever heard of Asgardia?

As humanity, we have been wondering what is out there, in space, for a long time. We have always been searching for any evidence of water or life in other planets. Even though humans spent a lot of efforts regarding space studies, there is still a big mystery waiting to be resolved. Is Asgardia answer to this question?

This curiosity about the life outside of the Earth has been one of the main focus for movies, books, and visionary people. When thinking about the life beyond Earth, we expect to find advanced living beings who are peaceful. However, we are also scared that we might come across with aliens who are as scary as at the movies and books we all know. We don’t know what is waiting for us yet, but thanks to the development of technology we are one step closer every single day.

Talking about technology, we have been witnessing significant developments lately. One of the latest ones is that the rockets can be used again after they launched. SpaceX is the leading company developing this technology and they have successfully implemented this technology to the rockets.


Apart from all these developments, people are talking about a space nation nowadays. Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli has come up with the idea of a space nation. According to him, there are 3 components of this humanitarian project as philosophical, legal and scientific/technological.
Philosophically, Mr. Ashurbeyli explains the story behind the name of Asgardia as “In ancient Norse mythology, Asgard was a city in the skies, the country of the Gods. It is the realization of man’s eternal dream to leave his cradle on Earth and expand into the Universe”. Well, when you think about it, it is really interesting.

Legally, the main concern is that only a few numbers of countries in the world have a space presence; therefore, the idea has the new way of thinking in space law so that there will be no monopoly in the future regarding space explorations.

Scientific and Technologically, the project has three targets. First, to make sure that there is a Peace in Space. Second, protect the Earth from several threats such as asteroids, cosmic radiation, sun storms and much more other threats. Finally, providing a free scientific base of knowledge in space.

Your preference

Asgardia has already its own flag, anthem, constitution, ministries and more than 200,000 citizens, so our question is “Would you like to be a citizen of Asgardia?”.