/France vs Croatia 15 July 2018
france vs croatia 15 july 2018
Which team are you supporting in the World Cup 2018 Russia Final?
Which team do you think played better on the road to the final?

France vs Croatia 15 July 2018

World Cup 2018 has reached the final! The cup of the cups will be in the hands of just one team in the evening of this Sunday! France vs Croatia 15 July 2018 will be in Moscow Luzhniki Stadium this Sunday.

Les Bleus: Road to Final

France has played a solid football while reaching the final. They have beaten Belgium in the semi-finals. Samuel Umtiti scored a header to help his team get through. Also, press appreciated Deschamps’ tactics for containing the ball and defending the goal well. Although the Belgium team tried so hard to score a goal, their efforts did not turn up well. The France team will be remembering their 1998 finals in this year’s final. They have built a strong and a young squad. Some say that they have finally found the “generation” to win the World Cup after twenty years. They have been praised in every match they played in this year’s tournament. Thus, they deserved to be in the last step of the Cup.

Croatia: Road to Final

The Blazers (Vatreni, in their language) have come to the finals by beating England in the semi-final. In the exciting match between Croatia and England, the score was 1-1 as the 90 minutes end. Then, in the extra time, Croatia scored a goal with Mandzukic to qualify for the final. This is the best World Cup performance by Croatia. They were part of Yugoslavia from 1930 to 1990, then they qualified for the cup in 1998. That year, they succeeded to qualify for the semi-finals, but that year’s champion France have beaten them and reached for the cup. After that, although Croatia qualified for the World Cup groups three times, they could not go further than the first stage. Now, they have a chance to reach for the biggest cup in the world. They have played a good soccer on the road to finals. There is no doubt they will show everything they have against France, too.

France vs Croatia 15 July 2018 will be like a rematch of the France 1998 World Cup semi-final. This time, Croatia want to get their revenge. Also, France wants to win the cup for the second time in their history. Both teams have played great until the finals and they have been praised by the press and fans. Tell us now which team you are supporting in the World Cup Final? And, which team have played better until this stage?