/France vs Argentina 30 June 2018
france vs argentina 30 june 2018
Which team do you think has a better squad in the World Cup 2018?
Which team will you support in France vs Argentina 30 June 2018?

France vs Argentina 30 June 2018

The knockout phase for the World Cup is on the way, and France vs Argentina 30 June 2018 will be the first match to decide who will be through.

France: What did they do?

France has shown a solid performance in the group stage of World Cup 2018. They have not lost any matches. Two wins and one draw were enough for France to finish the group as the leader. Although they had seven points in the group stage, they only scored 3 goals against Peru and Australia. Their match with Denmark concluded 0-0, marking it the first match with this score in World Cup 2018. However, they have proven to be one of the contenders of the cup with their quality of football and conceding just one goal. Their defense did their job very well in the group stage matches. Yet, if they want to beat Argentina, they would have to be more aggressive than that in the knockout phase.

Argentina: At the Last Minute

Argentina has struggled a bit in the group stage. They started the cup with the Iceland draw, as a result of an unexpectedly bad performance. Then, they hit the Croatia wall, getting a 0-3 loss against them. While Lionel Messi’s performance was debated, they encountered Nigeria in their last soccer match in the group. Lionel Messi scored the first goal, silencing the critics. However, Argentina conceded a goal from a penalty, making it harder to reach for the knockout phase. Yet, Rojo has come to help at the last minute scoring the goal for the knockouts. While the team has not shown their greatest performance on the field, the coach, Jorge Sampaoli, was also criticized for his choice of players. If Iceland won against Croatia on the same day, Argentina would be eliminated from the cup and comments about the team would be harsher. Yet, they have shown until the last minute that they will not give up pursuing the cup whatever the circumstances.

France vs Argentina 30 June 2018

Both teams have come to the World Cup 2018 Russia with big expectations. Argentina wants to put an end to 32 years of bad luck, and win the Cup this year. On the other hand, France remembers the glorious 1998 and look for their second World Cup. There is no doubt France vs Argentina 30 June 2018 will be a big clash between two experienced and strong teams. Tell us which team do you think has a better squad and which team you are supporting in France vs Argentina 30 June 2018?