/Do you use Spotify or Apple Music?
spotify or apple music
Which music streaming service did you use before?
In future, are you planning to use Spotify or Apple Music?

Do you use Spotify or Apple Music?

Music is the ultimate food of our soul and brain! Whether you use Spotify or Apple Music, reaching to music has become easier with the developments on the internet in the past decade. Although there are various music streaming services available, we are after the very best music streaming service.


Let’s be honest! Pricing is the first thing we consider whenever we have to make choices like this. Without making you wait for it, we are going to list everything on how much each service cost to users.

First of all, both Spotify and Apple Music offer a free option. Meaning you can just stream music legally without paying a dime! However, you will hear some ads between songs on Spotify, which can be annoying. In Apple Music, some of the features are restricted to free users so you may not be able to make most of their service if you are planning to use it without paying.

If you are willing to pay for music streaming, their pricing is the same. Although they charge their users in different countries slightly differently:

  • United States: $9.99
  • United Kingdom: £9.99
  • Australia: $11.99

In addition to that, both services offer a free trial, student discounts, and family plans.


We do not only listen to music when working with our PC but also listen while traveling or having a coffee in the park. Usability of the mobile applications of music streaming services is probably the second most important thing for users. Whether you are planning to use Spotify or Apple Music, you will be satisfied with the great technology both companies have developed.

Spotify’s applications can be run on Windows, Mac, PlayStations, Android, iOS, and Windows Phones. Their mobile applications have an easy interface for users, which is equipped with a lot of features to carry your music experience to the next level. It is super easy to create your own playlist or add songs to the playlist that you are co-curating with your friends. Finally, Spotify lets you share your taste in music with your friends on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Apple Music’s applications are compatible with iOS, Mac, Windows, and Apple TV. However, they are not planning to add another front to the Android or iOS war. It is known that Apple Music is planning to publish their application with Android users soon! Apart from the compatibility, Apple Music teamed up with Beats Music recommendation engine to give you best suggestions. When you register for the first time, you can choose your favorite bands and genres and have ever-changing recommendations!

Do you use Spotify or Apple Music?

After providing brief information on most important aspects of music streaming services, we would like to learn your preferences. Please let us know whether if you have used any of these services before and which service do you use now.