/Do you prefer using a tablet or smartphone?
tablet or smartphone
Do you use a tablet or smartphone more often?
Are you planning to buy a tablet or smartphone next?

Do you prefer using a tablet or smartphone?

Two of the best and most popular products of recent times are tablets and smartphones. While tablets are able to stand up to computers with their advanced features, smartphones also make it easy to do a lot of things you can do on your computer with theirs. Therefore, under these circumstances, nobody can decide which one to pick easily. However, we really want to hear about your preference and thoughts at the end of the article: Tablet or smartphone?

Why tablet?

Tablets have saved the computers from the dependency of desktop and laptop. You can meet your expectations from a computer with an average of 10-inch devices. Moreover, you can use these devices anytime and anywhere. Some tablets also allow you to use it as a phone with sim card support.

Usage of the internet, touchscreens, and entertainment means of the tablets are at the top level. Whether or not to buy a tablet depends on what you want to do with it. They were once compared with the smartphones because of their low specifications. But, with the time, they are now competing for the end to end with even laptops. The main reasons people prefer getting a tablet over a smartphone are its portability, productivity, ease to use, battery life and flexibility.

Beside its pros, it has also cons that should be considered. A tablet is considered much more a luxury or productivity device like a computer since it cannot be taken everywhere. For the most part, tablets are kept at home, or brought out only on long trips. Some users are not much comfortable with touchscreen keyboards. Although they can get a Bluetooth keyboard, still carrying it around takes effort. Moreover, tablets are not good for gaming.

Why smartphone?

Smartphones are smaller versions of tablets since it has almost the same features as a tablet computer and it does almost everything you can do with it. This is indeed the most widely used piece of technology gadget in the 21st century.

The USP of smartphones is their ultra-portability. Smartphones can easily be carried in the pockets. Small tasks such as reading a document or browsing the internet can be done easily with smartphones. Not to mention that you can shoot videos, listen to music and play games too. Smartphones can be great for drivers. You can use smartphone apps, like Google Maps, helping you get to your destination and avoid traffic jams. You can even connect your phone to your car’s audio system and blast out your favorite tunes whilst you’re driving.

However, we can also show you various cons of smartphones as in tablets. For instance, for reading e-books, the screen size might be a problem. You can’t do heavy or even moderate work on your smartphone. They need a laptop or desktop to feed large chunks of data.

What is your preference: tablet or smartphone?

The only advice we can give to you is; before going for any device, make sure you first figure out what you need a device for and then buy one accordingly. However, before any shopping intention, we really want to know your preferences and reasons.