/Do you prefer public or private transportation?
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Do you usually use public or private transportation?
If the city you live had a better public transportation network, would you use public or private transportation?

Do you prefer public or private transportation?

As cities grow and residential areas move to the edges of cities, the distance between home and work gets larger. As a result, people who live in the cities have to choose between public and private transportation options. Even though you can work as a freelancer at home for some jobs nowadays, you still have to be at the workplace for the rest of the jobs.

However, the reason does not have to be just job-related. The vast amount of young people go to university, almost all of us have something to do at the city center daily which causes traffic density if we do not choose to walk there. For this topic, we are specifically curious your routines and daily trips to the city center, workplace, or school; but feel free to count occasional trips as well.

Public Transportation

Using public transportation has several advantages together with some difficulties (for some cities and countries). If you are one of the people who is using public transportation, you might have felt less stressed since you don’t need to find a parking place or worry about your car if you parked it far away. In addition to that, you will be able to drink alcohol when you go out with your friends as long as you are not driving. It also helps you to save money and to have a better financial status.

Apart from that, public transportation helps to lower the traffic density and air pollution. Even if your part is a small one, you can still proud of yourself to be a part of this good cause. Public transport also provides more mobility for physically enabled people (unfortunately, not every city has this kind of buses and trams).

Well, the advantages look really good, but there are also some downsides of using public transportation. You might not have a personal space if the vehicle you take is full. You might be late for your appointment & work even if there is a scheduled timeline. Finally, it takes longer to reach your destination than using your own car.

Private Transportation

There are several advantages of private transportation. First of all, you are free to go anywhere you want, anytime you desire. There is no need to check for a schedule as you do for public transportation. In addition to that, you will have the privacy in your car. You can listen to your music, sing it loudly, and take your friends for a ride. Also, especially for large families, having a car offers lots of advantages. You can take lots of bags with you and travel to beautiful places at the weekend.

The cost of owning a private vehicle can be considered as one of the main disadvantages. You will have to pay for the car itself, gas, insurance, and many other things. The possibility of involving in an accident also increases this cost together with the risk of yourself and your beloved one’s life. Additionally, you will feel stressed in traffic when you are in a hurry or cannot find a parking space. You need to stay focused on the long rides and remember the responsibility you have if there are other people in the car.

Which one do you prefer: public or private transportation?

We are eager to learn about your opinion and habits on this topic. You can select your preferences and send to us through the choices below!