/Do you prefer playing FIFA 19 or PES 2019?
fifa 19 or pes 2019
Historically, which game series had the best gameplay in your opinion: FIFA or PES?
Which game will you play this year: FIFA 19 or PES 2019?

Do you prefer playing FIFA 19 or PES 2019?

There were always two rivals when it comes to soccer video games. The video games FIFA and PES have ruled the gaming market for the last two decades. Both had their positive and negative ways and built strong and loyal gamer communities up to now. This year, with the addition of new features to both games, the rivalry is getting hotter. What would your pick be? Do you prefer playing FIFA 19 or PES 2019?

FIFA 19: What are the new features?

FIFA has been around the gaming market for more than two decades. The history of the game goes back to the times of Windows DOS. The first FIFA game was released in 1993 by Electronic Arts. For the first few years, the camera of the game was isometric. And, the graphics were over the edge for its time. Because of its unique structure and fun gameplay, FIFA has become notable by gamers throughout the world. Becoming the first video game with an official FIFA license made it easier for EA to market the game. With the increasing success of the game and the developing technology, the game was further improved with new mechanics and graphics. FIFA always tried to have licenses of the included teams and leagues, thus it became the first choice for some users. Also, online features such as the Ultimate Team, and having a broad spectrum of leagues from the world helped the game succeed more. This year, EA is adding new modes to the game like the “no rules mode” or “last man standing” to increase the fun along with replayability. Also, they had the Champions League rights from UEFA.

PES 2019: Coming back strong

Pro Evolution Soccer was first released in 2001 for PlayStation. But, the game has a deeper history than that. The game was released in Japan in 1996 with the brand name Winning Eleven before that. The game had so many new features along with its great graphics. Thus, it became a worldwide success when it came out. Although the names of the clubs and footballers were not accurate, the gameplay was gorgeous. With time, they solved the problem of licensing of names and the success grew. In the recent years, FIFA was leading the soccer game sector in sales. Yet, Konami’s PES had its own loyal fanbase helping the game thrive. This year, they are making so many changes to the game engine and gameplay. Thus, they will try to dethrone FIFA with its stronger side: the gameplay.

Both football games made players have great times all over the world since their launches. Now, the rivalry is getting hotter and tighter with the advances in technology. This year will be a tough challenge for both games. Tell us now which one would you choose in this ongoing rivalry.