/Do you prefer living alone or with roommates?
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Do you prefer living alone or with roommates?

Do you prefer living alone or with roommates?

Some people prefer living alone for several reasons, while others find this idea very disturbing and difficult as they embraced the famous phrase: “Humans are social beings.” There are pros and cons to both choices as we will try to examine in our post. We will be asking you about your choice today, would you prefer living with roommates or alone?

Pros and Cons of Living Alone

Living lonely could be both beneficial for individuals or it could be a pain sometimes. Firstly, living alone enables you to relieve yourself from the burden of daily responsibilities. These can include household chores such as cleaning or doing the dishes. Living on your own does not mean that you are totally free of all these, but you can arrange your schedule on your own. Also, if you are a night owl making noise in the night, you can do it freely if you are living on your own. However, living lonely has some drawbacks, too. For example, since you do not have anybody else to help you with the chores, you will be more tired than you would be in the other case. Also, having no one to talk to occasionally can be frustrating in the long run.

Pros and Cons of Living with Roommates

Having roommates can be both bothersome and easy for you. If you like your friends at home, getting home can be a happy moment for you and your household. Also, the household tasks can be split into equal amounts for the roommates. So, everybody is tired or resting at the same time, with no quarrels about chores (hopefully). Yet, as we said in the first part, living with others can have negative effects for you. If, for example, your roommates are noisy, it would be so difficult to get along with them. We all need our personal space in our everyday life. Any breach of this can have bad outcomes for all people in the house. Nobody likes a life that includes fighting with other every day.

What is your preference: living alone or with roommates?

There are more pros and cons to both situations and the list goes on forever. Every person should balance these before moving out to a new house. Maybe you would find new friends if you are living with others. Or maybe, if you are on your own, you would self-actualize easily. What do you think about living lonely or with roommates? Tell us whether you prefer living alone or with roommates.