/Do you prefer Alibaba or Amazon?
alibaba or amazon
Have you purchased a product from Alibaba or Amazon before?
Do you prefer Alibaba or Amazon for shopping?

Do you prefer Alibaba or Amazon?

With ever-changing shopping habits, we have so many different options to meet our needs anytime, anywhere. Online shopping has been popular in the past couple decades. We will briefly introduce two of the most well-known online retailers and ask your preference: Alibaba or Amazon?

Increasing trend of E-shopping in the world

Let’s admit that we don’t go to the stores that we used to before. Shopping has become online and much easier thanks to the internet. Today, there are lots of e-shopping websites that offer a wide range of selections from several different sellers. We can easily order almost anything you need from China, USA, Europe, Asia… pretty much everywhere where the product is produced.

E-shopping is becoming a huge and competitive market with some giant, middle, and small scale companies. Most known companies are Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Groupon, etc. These companies try to implement different strategies to gain more customers. While some of them focus on the lowest price for products, some of them focus on for high quality. They even differentiate their product options by innovating their own products such as Alexa by Amazon.
In this market, it can be said that the most important player is the customer for all of these companies. It is quite easy to lose the trust of a customer, which may cause a huge loss. Therefore, in this competition, almost every company tries to implement strategies that focus on the customer.

USA Market: Amazon

Amazon is a huge player in this market. They are operating more than 100 counties in the world and they are the biggest player in USA market. They continuously innovate new products, acquire successful small-scale businesses, widen their product scale, and offer amazing benefits to its customers.

China Market: Alibaba

Alibaba is also a huge player in this market and they ship millions of products every single day. Since it is a Chinese company, it owns the e-commerce market of China, which has quite a large number of customers. Apart from that, they are continuously offering special discounts, increasing their efficiency with high tech warehouses and adding new products to their portfolio in order to gain more customer segments.

What is your preference: Alibaba or Amazon?

Of course, there are other players in this market, but the competition between Amazon and Alibaba has been more notable for some time and it seems that it will be much more exciting in the following years.

As customers, you are the biggest factor which will affect and give direction to this competition. Remember that customers are the decision-makers and the player who pays to get the best service. Therefore, your thoughts are really important to have an idea about the future trend.