/Black Friday 2018: Are you shopping or not?
black friday 2018
Are you shopping on Black Friday 2018?
Have you shopped on previous Black Fridays?

Black Friday 2018: Are you shopping or not?

Every year, after Thanksgiving, we wait for that day. The first Friday after the Thanksgiving, the reason for all the shopping craze: Black Friday! Black Friday 2018 will be on November 23. So, are you shopping this year?

The History of Black Friday

The history of Black Friday goes back to the Santa Claus parades. In the early 20th century, these Christmas parades were starting the day after Thanksgiving, and they were sponsored by retailers. Those retailers then took advantage of that to advertise their products. Also, since it is accepted as the start of the shopping season before Christmas, some retailers made discounts on goods. Thus, the biggest shopping craze of the world started. Although some retailers wanted a bigger shopping season, no one broke the tradition up to now. Also, as the competition between brands increases, the discount rates and starting hour of the Black Friday has been changing over the years. Some shopping centers started the discounts one day earlier, resulting in a term called Black Thursday.

What Do People Buy on Black Friday?

On Black Friday, people mostly save up on their money and wait for discounts on their long-awaited goods. Mostly, electronics and toys are the popular ones with the highest spent money on them. Also, the gaming industry seems to be one of the top players on that day. Video game consoles and their related online shops, along with Steam, are having crazy discounts on games and equipment to attract more customers. Online shopping websites like Alibaba or Amazon prioritize mobile phones, TVs, video game consoles and computers since these are the most wanted categories each year. But of course, people who are not interested in buying a new mobile phone or computer have been extensively shopping on Black Friday, too. Since it is a great opportunity for retailers, especially the online shopping services, they try to have discounts on everything. Thus, people who event want to fulfill their daily needs can utilize ate shopping mania on Black Friday.

As we said in the beginning of our post, Black Friday 2018 will be on November 23. Are you saving up to upgrade your phone? Or are you going to just stocking up diapers for your baby? Or, will you be protesting this shopping craze and sitting at home? Please let us know if you are shopping on Black Friday 2018 in our poll. Also, tell us if you have shopped in the previous years?