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cat person or dog person

Are you a cat person or dog person?

Animals are our best friends. They love as we do, care as we do and get sad as we do. We all like to pet a cute dog only to see its excitement. Or, the lovely eyes of a charming cat makes us happy just by looking at. But which one do you like the most? Are you a cat person or dog person?

Are Cats Grumpy or Cute? Or Both?

Cats are some people’s favorite. They do not require much for feeding or other needs. They can feed themselves if you leave the food in their containers, and they can clean themselves after they use their “sandy bathroom.” Also, they are so adorable in both their early ages and maturity that you forget all your troubles for a moment. Yet, some people do not like the cats because of their grumpy moments. When a cat is angry or grumpy, they can be hard to deal with. In those times, they do not want to be pet or even be touched. And that makes some people stay away from the cats. In fact, there are people who hate the cats for being grumpy but that seems a little harsh for one of the cutest animals in the world.

A Loyal Friend: Dogs

Dogs can be the most loyal animal to humans. Since their artificial selection thousands of years ago, they did not leave us. They protected humans, made friends with them and got shelter and food from them. Thus, humans loved them so much. In fact, some people like dogs more than they like other humans. Yet, some people stay distant from owning a dog although they like dogs so much. Unlike cats, dogs are a bit more demanding. They require regular walks every day and you should be spending time with them whenever they need attention. Otherwise, their psychology gets worse and their biology starts to be affected by the consequences. Thus, however, the dogs are cute and adorable, they need more energy and money than cats from their owners.

The age-long debate seems not to be ending soon. People with different attitudes tend to love either cats or dogs. Also, socioeconomic positions and having a suitable home are crucial for taking care of both animals. But we all love their cute moments and feel better with them on our side. So tell us now which one do you like the most.

Are you a cat person or dog person?

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