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About twoque

twoque is a social experiment. It is a research that is conducted with humans in the real world. Today, we are surrounded by the advertisements and surveys. Our initial reaction to any survey is usually negative. That is not a big surprise considering the number of advertisements and surveys we are exposed to. The main reason for this negative reaction is that the benefits are not equally distributed among parties. More clearly, researcher team (marketers) are the ones who enjoy the benefits of the results (increased profits), while participants generally get nothing in return. In the last decade, some of the research teams started to use monetary incentives to distribute the benefits more evenly. However, we believe that there should be another and more just way of sharing the benefits.

We love big data.

Big data does not only refer to the volume of the information that is gathered but also to the methods that data is collected. In future, big data research will be an essential part of the human behavior research and predictive analysis. Yet, we usually collect the big data through technological tools like smartphones. As is, big data is far away from being helpful to provide insightful information on our behaviors.

We also love cool graphics.

We are close followers of Dataisbeautiful subreddit, which you can find inspirational examples. In twoque, we hope to avoid ugly part of survey research and obtain big data. Our questions are usually twofold, which measures your current behavior and future tendency.


How twoque works?

After each question reaches to representative sample size, we will share our findings by producing cool graphics with you and these results will be free of copyright. This means that you will be able to use these results on your own will. We do not collect any personal information that we can match the results with your identity. At the end of each survey, you are asked to write your e-mail address in order to receive updates for that question. However, providing your e-mail is not mandatory. Please refer to our Privacy Policy page for other related concerns.

Finally, you can reach us by filling the form on Contact Us page in order to ask questions or make a proposal for a question.